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Unico TV

A new way to conceive a complete sound system for entertainment TV and Home Video.

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A new way to conceive a complete sound system for entertainment TV and Home Video.
Unico TV has been designed in Italy, to better respond to the needs of
those who want an immersive listening cinema-like, impossible to obtain
only with the built-in speakers of modern super flat TVs, but without having
to twist your furniture because it is positioned just below TV acting as
a base: a simple solution that saves space and not having wires scattered
around the house because the connection is made with just a single cable.
Unico TV is provided with 1 Optical Input, 2 SPDIF digital inputs, 1 Analog
TV, 1 Analog AUX In, Wireless remote control
Thanks to all these inputs you can connect up to 5 components (TVs, satellite
and DVB-T decoders, DVD players, Blu-Ray players, Gaming Consoles,
etc.) and manage them easily with the wireless remote control supplied.
The remote control allows you to select source, adjust the Volume, Bass
and Treble and it also allows you to select between three different audio
presets specifically designed for different listening situations:
NEWS: to follow the news, talk shows and all those transmissions where
the voice is predominant. We have emphasized the mids and reduced lower
frequencies that in these cases are often annoying.
MUSIC: bass and treble are emphasized! Enough for a more pleasant listening.
MOVIE: This preset is more elaborate. The emphasis of the lower frequencies
was further elevated so to give that feeling of “punch in the stomach”,
particularly pleasant to feel while watching Action Movies and Games. The
frequencies of “voices” have been retouched to make the reproduction of
dialogues as faithful as possible. Finally, the higher frequencies have been
“softened” to provide a better spatiality of the sound, never too invasive.
Technically Unico TV is truly unique! At first glance it might seem like a
simple 3-way system locked up in a single cabinet, in reality it is a true 2.1
system! It features 2 two-way speakers placed in two separate Acoustic
Rooms within the same cabinet, plus a dedicated environment for 2 subwoofers
each with its own bass reflex placed on both sides.

  • Power: 96 Watt RMS ( THD < 10%)
  • Frequency response: 50Hz - 20 kHz
  • Sizes: 57cm*30cm*10,5cm (L*P*H)
  • S/N Ratio ≥ 85dB
  • Woofer: 3” 4Ωx4, Paper cone + Rubber edge(USP technology)
  • Middle: 2” 6Ωx2, Paper+wool cone + Cloth edge(UKP tech.)
  • Tweeter: 1” 8Ωx2, Mylar Dome
  • Wireless remote control